Makis Nikolaides

Speech:” Managerial Coaching / the Leader as Coach”

Στέλεχος Εταιρείας Πληροφορικής,  Executive Coach

A multi skilled professional working since 1997 for HP. Mainly in Support Delivery organization through different positions and geography. Some of the key skills are communication and people management. Fast situation appraisal and action planning. Believing that people is a key asset of a company where with the right handling success is secured. Innovative, Strategy oriented with proper delegation and fast implementation. Motivated and always on the move. Aiming for team and personal distinction through hard work and persistence. My professional and life motto is, “Opportunities stop when you decide to quit … Never quit and never stop trying !”

Summary of work experience

Director, Global Support Delivery Country for MEMA/ 2013-2016

  • Managing support delivery operations for MEMA territory
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Support growth initiatives
  • Managing Cost of Delivery and operations
  • Ensuring capacity and capability to deliver TS portfolio

Global Support Delivery Country Manager for Africa/ 2010-2013

  • Creating operating model to support Africa’s emerging market
  • Build remote and self-sufficient teams with the right skills and mindset
  • Manage cost structure to ensure profitable growth

Global Support Delivery Country Manager for Greece & Cyprus/ 2008-2010

  • Managing support delivery operations for Greece & Cyprus


  • M.Sc. in Information Engineering at City University, UK 1994-1995
  • B.Eng. in Electronic & Communication Engineering at University of Bath, UK 1991-1994
  • Pre-Engineering Course & Business Studies at DEREE, American College of Greece 1988-1991

Major Career Accomplishments:

  • Achieved BiC (Best-in-Class) Operational Excellence in Greece & Cyprus
  • Implemented/ standardized GSD operating model in Africa
  • Enabled new countries capabilities through Direct & Channel enablement
  • Build a new regional teams and managers (East, West, South-East, North Africa) to support business growth in Emerging market
  • Transformed core operations in Africa by enabling nearshore and offshore operations
  • Leading Customer satisfaction/ experience metrics on a WW level (Best-in-Class) for consecutive years (2014-15)
  • Maintaining #1 or #2 position in EMEA for key growth initiative (OneLead) to support Business Growth

Makis’ Style

In the past years I have utilized different leadership styles to achieve best results. I have managed teams with same culture and diversity but also teams with completely different cultures and diversities. In my experience there is no one “right leadership style”. A leader needs to listen, understand, appraise, act and adapt. Must be alert and always balance between different leadership attributes. In my first years as a leader, I used to set the pace (pacesetting leader) to ensure teams understand and follow “the model” to achieve targets. In the following years I wanted the team to build their personal and professional strengths to achieve business results (Coaching Leader). And finally, as soon as I have the “right” team with the strengths and attributes I can count on, I become the Democratic leader, were I encourage my team to take ownership, innovate and decide for strategic decisions in the organization.